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Hardaway Origins and Adaptations  
This is truly a unique book that is centered on the discovery of the famous Baucom Hardaway Site. Covered is the original report of the 1979-1982 excavations, the 1987 excavations, C-14 dates, geological data, and other archaeological traits of the Hardaway People. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. (Softbound-perfect binding, 98 pages, 8 ½ x 11, pictures of some of the best classic Hardaway Type points ever recorded). NEW, GREAT NC BOOK!! EXCELLENT IN IDENTIFING DIFFERENT POINT TYPES!!!.
$20.00 U.S.
Indian Projectile Point Types from Virginia and the Carolinas
by Rodney M. Peck This revised edition is a most welcome publication for both the professional and collector. With most all of the popular points found in Virginia and the Carolinas identified the book is easy to read and is highly recommended. (8 1/2 x 11, lots of illustrations, 4 pages of pictures, softbound, 44pp). Great for beginners, boy scouts, etc.
$12.00 U.S.
Eastern Fluted Points (Great Book)  
by Rodney M. Peck A study of over 18 years of Paleo Indian research on the distribution and complication of Fluted Points from the Eastern United States. Heavily illustrated with beautiful pictures of Paleo Indian tools and preforms, along with a wide selection of fine Fluted Points from Florida, Georgia, S.C., N.C., Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maine, Missouri, and other states. This is truly a fine publication on Early Man and his Fluted Points! Very nice raised print cover!! Pack full of Information. (44pp, 4 maps, 2 tables, 140 plus pictures of fluted points). In second printing.
$12.00 U.S.
Colonial Artifacts of Early America
by Rodney M. Peck This excellent book is for both the professional and advocate archaeologist of Colonial America to identify and date certain artifacts these colonists left behind. This unique book is heavily illustrated with pictures of artifacts, many that are of museum quality, that were used in Colonial America in the 17th, 18th, and early 19th century. (softbound, 55 pp, lots of pictures, 8 ½ x 11).
$12.00 U.S.
The North Carolina Indians Before and After Roanoke 
By Rodney M. Peck This book is the story of the North Carolina Indian from Paleo Indian Period 12,000 years ago to Roanoke Island and beyond to the Cherokee Indians. Researched by the author of over thirty years of experience in Indians and their livelihood. Included are lots of sketches and pictures of Indians, the way they lived and the tools they left behind. (8 ½ x 11, softbound, pictures, 46pp).
$12.00 U.S.
Southeastern Axes and Bannerstones 
rBy Rodney M. Peck A classic recording of some of the finest axes and bannerstones ever recorded. Heavily illustrated with written text of beautiful artifacts from the archaic period. An EXCELLENT book for both the professional and collector! (8 ½ x 11, softbound, 60pp, lots of B & W pictures). HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
America's Largest Paleo-Indian Workshop Site,
Dinwiddie County Virginia: The Williamson Site
By Rodney M. Peck A complete site report of America's Largest Paleo-Indian Site. This publication covers over 50 years of research and excavations by such Paleo-Indian experts as Ben C. Mc Cary, Floyd Painter, Vance Haynes and others. The site is mainly on the Williamson Farm of the late John and Josh Williamson and covers over 100 acres. This report covers the Site Characteristis, Lithic Material, Heat Treatment, Excavations, Fluted Point types, Preforms, Scrapers, Tools , Blade Making, and other data. Comparison Charts comparing site and lithic remains with 12 other Paleo-Indian sites are most useful in Early Man research. ( 64 pages, softbound, 8 ½ x 11, 71 figures, 6 maps, 4 tables, plenty of pictures ). A HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BOOK ON EARLY MAN!!
$12.00 U.S.
Who's Who in Virginia Archaeology
Ben C. McCary, Williamsburg, Virginia
By Rodney Peck, Thomas McCary and Jack Stallings. A very detail book of the collection of Indian Artifacts owned by the late archaeologist, Dr. Ben C. McCary. This was the largest private collection of Indian Artifacts from Virginia, with over 300 Clovis, Cumberland and Folsom Points. Great reference book! (8 ½ x 11, softbound, &W and Color pictures, 94 pages). Lots of pictures of points, clovis points, beads, shell, axes, bannerstones, gorgets, etc. A very limited number has been printed! NEW!
$20.00 U.S.
An Eastern Perspective on Archaic Soapstone Bowls and Quarries from Virginia, Georgia and the Carolinas
By Rodney Peck, Soapstone quarries and bowls date from the middle Archaic Period and very early Woodland Period, which puts these Indians in the categorical group of Hunters and Gathers. Their sites vary in function from large base settlements to transient hunting or camping sites. Many of these sites are hundreds of miles from the soapstone quarries, and provided the Indians a real challenge of transporting the soapstone bowls. Discussed is the theory of transporting these heavy bowls, along with C-14 dates, and other value information.
(Softbound-perfect binding, 176 pages, 22 color image pages, 8 ½ x 11)
This is the ONLY book of its kind available and is limited to only 300 copies.
$30.00 U.S.
Southern Raised Ridge Axes
By Rodney Peck, This book is a recording of some of the finest and rarest axes ever found in the Southeastern United States, the Southern Ridge Axe. Included are description, size, lithic material, weight, and general location of where each was found. The Southern Raised Ridge Axe type is one of the most stylized of the many thousands of axes found east of the Appalachian Mountains. This axe type whose makers were artists who sought out the beautiful and fine lithic material and sculpted it into some of the most beautiful axes ever recorded from the Eastern United States. .
(Softbound-perfect binding, 84 pages, over 100 image pages, 8 ½ x 11)
This is the ONLY book of its kind available and is limited to only 300 copies.
$20.00 U.S.
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